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Anton Real Estate Partners is a leading, boutique real estate investing business that creates investing partnerships with sophisticated investors targeting private equity returns.

Anton Real Estate Partners was formed in 2017, evolving from Anton Capital which was incorporated by the business’ Principals, Anthony Kingsley and Tony Martin, in 2011.

The Principals, together with a highly qualified team of experienced professionals, bring together a strong understanding of real estate fundamentals with capital markets, financial and structuring experience. This provides a unique combination of conceptual and analytical skills enabling them to source, execute and deliver on risk-adjusted investment opportunities. Experience in disciplined management over the life of the investment ensures the strategic objectives and returns are achieved on behalf of the investment partners and the firm.

Anton Real Estate Partners is focussed on creating investing partnerships for its clients, with a track record, and focus to date, on the Australia and New Zealand office market. The business has an investing philosophy centred around opportunistic acquisition strategies and value enhancement initiatives designed to create high quality, liquid assets at a cost base well below replacement cost or current market value.

These strategies typically involve:

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